Company Profile ——

Shenzhen Zhongtian Core Industry Technology Co. LTD is one of the worldwide distributors of electronic components since 2010. DYS has been focused on promotion and sales of in stock and hard to find electronic components,as well as providing the best service to our customers. With more than 10 years hard working in electronic field. Shenzhen Zhongtian Core Industry Technology Co. LT deeply know the importance of both green environmental protection and energy conservation for human future life.Plus automobile Industry has developed rapidly.We utilized ours advantage to establish a manufactory to produce digital consumer Electronic products since 2010. Our products are widely used in Home Appliances,intelligent controller,Smart Power and Energy,Secuity and Protection,LED Lighting

Corporate culture ——
The company advocates the working relationship of unity and cooperation. We firmly believe that only by working together and in a unified pace can the team move forward bravely. Therefore, excellent cooperation spirit and good communication ability are our first criteria for selecting people. Our team has a group of young talents who are full of vitality. They are not only educational background and qualifications, but also the source of our vitality.
Honors and qualifications ——
Since the establishment of the company, the development, production, sales, maintenance and service of electronic and electrical products have been widely praised by the outside world